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Plaster & Texture Cladding

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Texture coated cladding, typically stucco, EIFS (exterior insulation and finishing system) or texture coated flush stopped fibre cement, rely on good detailing and installation, a cavity, a coating to seal the surface against moisture penetration and regular maintenance of the coating to ensure the surface remains waterproof. 

There are other coatings with similar finishes including plastered masonry veneer, light weight aerated concrete and polystyrene block walls that became more common after 2005.

Unfortunately, many people perceive these types of claddings as being ‘maintenance free’ and therefore don’t carry out repainting as frequently as it should be. Whilst a coating may appear sound, the surface may in fact have weathered to the stage where it is permeable to moisture as it has become thinner.

Repainting the exterior should be undertaken by a professional painter every 7 - 10 years to ensure the integrity of the entire system is kept good. If you select a colour which has an LRV (light reflectance value) less than 25% you can expect to repaint every 7 years. Repainting to keep the substrate well protected may be necessary even if the appearance of the coating is still acceptable.

CleaNing your Texture Cladding

You should be cleaning down your texture coating every 12 months. Most airborne dirt particles accumulate on exterior surfaces during the summer months. Therefore, before the winter rain washes the dirt down over the walls, give these areas a clean, this will dramatically reduce the chances of your paint finish being stained.

How do I clean my cladding? This work should be completed using a low-pressure water blaster (300 psi or less). Under NO circumstances should a high-pressure water blaster be used. For best results use “Resene Roof wash and paint cleaner”. 

Apply the diluted solution with a soft broom and wash off with copious amounts of fresh water. Most detergents have a detrimental effect on fish life so avoid letting the washings run off into the stormwater system. DO NOT use harsh solvent based cleaners.

A paint system will not solve leaky home problems or issues relating to the building design.


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