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Paint Stripping & Lead Paint Removal

Complete paint stripping services, including lead-based paint removal

It's becoming increasingly common when undertaking painting of older weatherboard and timber joinery that the existing paint system struggles to support the application of the new acrylic paint systems. When prepared for re-painting, the paint coating can appear sound, however shortly after painting blistering and peeling can become evident. The peeling and blistering goes back through many coats to the original primers when the weatherboards and joinery were first painted, often many years before.

The advent of modern acrylic paint systems, with their ability to expand and contract with temperature, places massive tension on the previous coats. These previous coats are often many years old and were never intended to last the 30 plus years they have sat on the weatherboards and joinery. Old enamel paint is impervious and will not allow the transfer of moisture to the outside of the coatings, as acrylics will, this means moisture will build up behind the old enamel and create a blister, and if the enamel is already weakened by the new acrylics over the years, bubbling will be worse. The result of this is that any new paint applied to your house will result in your house looking like it has the chicken pox with large blisters everywhere, not the look I am sure you were looking for in a new paint job. Feel free to call us to come and assess your home and we can advise you the best way to proceed.

Global Coating Services recommends that consideration be given to removing all existing paint coatings from timber weatherboards and joinery being painted that are older than 25 years. While this does increase the cost of re-painting, failure to remove the existing coating can result in the failure of the new coating with costly ramifications for the home owner.

Testing & Removal of Lead-Based Paints

Testing for lead should also be undertaken prior to the removal of the paint coatings. It is a common in New Zealand for properties up to the 1980's to have been painted with lead-based paint, usually in the primers. Lead in paint is now recognised as a significant source of lead toxicity and is an important health issue.

We recognise these issues and have researched available options for the removal of lead-based paint and have settled on two processes.  We have found these processes to not only strip paint efficiently but are endorsed by the New Zealand Master Painters Association for the safe removal of lead-based paint.

To ensure you receive the correct advice and a paint job that will not only look great but will stand the test of time under New Zealand's harsh weather conditions, call Global Coating Services today for your free site visit and quote.


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