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Roof Painting

Complete roof painting services, any material, any slope angle

Roof painting is specialised and needs experienced applicators using quality products

We specialise in painting concrete tile, corrugated iron, decramastic tile and colorsteel roofs and we guarantee a finish that will look like new and protect your home. We use only quality products and qualified tradespeople, so you can be sure you will end up with a professionally finished job that will last.

Every roof is unique, and we have taken the time to research what products are best suited for each roofing substrate and environment. These products, along with any required repairs provide the ultimate protection, durability, colour retention and waterproofing available for your roof.

At Global Coating Services we have a wealth of experience in roof painting and can undertake the painting of any pitch and any angle roof safely and efficiently. 

We can bring your Colorsteel roof back to life again using the best products available on the market. 

When our team of professionals is finished, your room will look like new again, last longer, ensure that it is weather tight, and improve the value of your home or business building.

Resene Cool Colour Technology

We make extensive use of Resene Cool Colour technology

Can you imagine a black coating that remains cooler even on the sunniest day? While this was once a contradiction in terms, it is now a reality. Using Resene Cool Colour we can confidently use dark colours that actually stay cooler than normal colours. 

How does it work?

With traditional paint solutions, dark colours on areas such as roofing are suntraps soaking in the sun's rays. The high levels of absorbtion of light & head can cause significant temperature to build up on the surface, and place relentless stress on the coating and the substrate. 

Resene's Cool Colour provides separate coating and substrate layers, which minimise heat transference inside, and keep the coating, substrate and surface cooler.

As an added benefit, the reduced stress on the coating and substrate will help to increase the expected lifetime of each layer. This makes the Resene Cool Colour approach longer-lasting than a standard version of the same colour.

To ensure you receive the correct advice and a paint job that will not only look great but will stand the test of time under New Zealand's harsh weather conditions, call Global Coating Services today for your free site visit and quote.


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