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Wallpapering, Stripping and Hanging

Complete wallpapering, stripping & hanging services

Wallpaper is an effective way to add new dimensions to your home. With today’s fabulous textures, colours and complex designs wallpaper is once again fashionable.

Wallpaper Hanging. We have experienced Wallpaper hangers and take extra care to ensure a stunning finish. Create a special feature in your home with some creative papers. We have access to a wide range of fashionable papers and can arrange the entire job from start to finish.

If you’re not experienced with wallpaper installation you can waste a lot of time and money with an unsatisfactory end result. 

Wallpaper Stripping. We find there are numerous properties with old tired wallpaper that require stripping to update the look.  Some properties built during the 60s and 70s quite often were wallpapered instead of plastered for a paint finish such as is done today. This can mean that when the wallpaper is stripped a number of issues are revealed. It is quite a process making sure that walls are paint ready if you have stripped the wallpaper. It is also very important that the stripping is done well to make sure that only the wallpaper and its backing paper is removed and that the paper face of the wallboard isn’t damaged as this would require more extensive plaster repair. There are a number of options when dealing with old wallpaper:

  • Strip the wallpaper, replaster and paint
  • Strip the wallpaper, replaster and rehang wallpaper
  • Paint over the wallpaper if it is in good sound condition – please note vinyl wallpaper needs to be sealed with a vinyl wallpaper sealer prior to overcoating with an acrylic paint.

If you have old wallpaper that is old fashioned or just old and are looking to update the look call for a quote.


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